EM 194 | Delight Ministries co-founder MacKenzie Wilson on Starting Small, Staying Passionate [REPLAY]


Most of us visioneers have the same problem we have this idea we d like to see get off the ground, but we re overwhelmed by the starting point (where is that thing anyway?). Others of us jump clear over the start line and land somewhere in the middle, bypassing all of the important stuff that keeps the idea afloat. On today s episode, we re joined by MacKenzie Wilson, cofounder of Delight Ministries, a nationwide Christian ministry that invites college women into a community centered around shared college experiences and stories. What started as an idea among college sophomore friends in 2012 with just a few interested women transformed into an organization present in more than 130 universities nationwide and in the United Kingdom and Uganda. Together with host, Shane Benson, Wilson shares how the vision for Delight Ministries was propelled by community, and trial and error.

Whether or not you re working in a partnership, it s important to determine your stronger areas and the areas where you need more support. Take some time to reflect in what areas do you naturally thrive? What areas feel like more of a task instead of a natural flow? These questions will help you decide where your strengths are.

Don t leave friction among leadership unchecked. Tension within leadership can be felt throughout the entire organization. Unresolved conflict should be met with regular check ins and clearly defined expectations.

Celebrate wins big and small. When you re neck deep in operations, or when your organization is growing faster than anticipated, sometimes it s all too easy to bypass celebrating your achievements, especially those on a smaller scale. Remind yourself of where you came from and where you re headed and celebrate all of the milestones in between

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