EM 197 | Designing Your Life to Say Yes with Dave Adamson [REPLAY]


Meet Dave Adamson an Australian sports reporter, online pastor, photographer, YouTuber and podcast host. You might be asking how can one person be all those things? It s surprisingly simple: Dave has designed his life and schedule to allow him to say yes to most things. And he does so without sacrificing his sanity or time at home with his family. If you re a multi-passionate creative or entrepreneur, this podcast is for you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Welcome to Episode 197 of The Executive Minds Podcast.

Three Takeaways:

  1. Hack your own schedule.

A trick Dave picked up from Carey Nieuwhof listen to Carey on our podcast here! is to work with your natural wiring, not fight against it. For instance, if you re a morning person wake up really early. If you re a night owl sleep in so you aren t exhausted every evening. Learn what schedule works best for you and adjust your plans around it.

  1. Limit your time in email.

It s too easy to become slaves to our phones. We hear the notification bell, and we re checking and replying on autopilot. Dave was spending so much time in email that he decided to treat his inbox like his actual mailbox: checking it once at the end of the day. With this newly-allocated email time in the evenings, he stays more focused and productive during the day.

  1. Do you need to add or remove buoys?

Imagine a lap pool with buoys dividing the swim lanes. Their purpose is to keep the swimmers in line so they can focus on swimming their fastest lap. Buoys can be really helpful, narrowing our focus and keeping us on track. But sometimes, like in Dave s life, it s okay to remove the buoys and free swim for a bit. Deciding to free swim means Dave can be an online pastor, podcast host, sports reporter, photographer, YouTuber and a list of other things. It s about deciding what it is you really want and designing your pool to match.