EM 200 | Choosing Irrational Kindness to Create an Extraordinary Life with Kevin Williams


Have you ever wondered how some people succeed professionally while also enjoying a fulfilling life outside of work? We’ve often wondered the same. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to life, success leaves clues.

To celebrate our 200th episode, we’ve invited Chick-fil-A franchisee Kevin Williams on the podcast to discuss his book, "Irrational Kindness." For decades, Kevin has been inspiring everyone he meets to pursue an extraordinary life, but his approach isn’t rooted in an unhealthy, never-ending pursuit of more. It’s quite the opposite. Kevin has created an extraordinary career and life by choosing to be irrationally kind, infinitely curious, and consistently believing in the power of possibilities. Now, what started as simple one-on-one meetings with new employees at his Chick-fil-A restaurants has turned into a grassroots movement inspiring others to pursue an extraordinary life by being irrationally kind.

Check out Kevin’s conversation with Jeff Henderson, David Farmer, and Shane Benson, and welcome to episode 200 of Executive Minds.