EM 202 | Brett Hagler on Thinking Differently to Stand Out, Attract Talent & Achieve Big Goals


What got you where you are often isn’t what will get you where you ultimately want to go. How things have been done is no indication that they should continue being done that way. Business as usual and status quo will, at best, typically get us the results we’re currently getting. To achieve our biggest goals, attract the right opportunities, and maximize our impact, we will likely have to think and act differently. In episode 202, Brett Hagler, CEO of New Story, shares his journey of building a tech-driven nonprofit tackling global homelessness while opening up about his approach to thinking differently to help us stand out, attract top talent, and achieve big goals. You’ll also discover the power of perusing what's possible and, sometimes, what even seems impossible. Welcome to episode 202 of Executive Minds.