When your schedule is jammed packed and your to-do list is a mile long, do you reach for your phone or a notebook? If it’s the latter, keep reading.

While the pen and paper will never fully go out of style, it’s important to keep a pulse on all the technology that’s available to make life easier. And in case you didn’t realize, there’s a lot of it.

Your phone is the control center of your life. Let it work for you, instead of overwhelming you. Here are our favorite apps for becoming better leaders, better time managers, and better launchers.

For the launcher who wants to be a better leader.

Habit List: We’ve talked about the power of habits and rituals on the MNTR Podcast before. This app is a simple but effective tool to hold yourself accountable.

Goodreads: Keep track of all your book recommendations, stay accountable to your reading goals, and digitally store all your notes while reading.

Stitcher: A podcast and radio app that lets you stream shows and make custom playlists. Find us there!

For the launcher who wants to be a better communicator.

Slack: The single best tool for communicating with your team.

CamCard: Never search for a lost business card again. Take a photo of a card and the app will add all the information to your contacts.

Calroo: If you’re winning at work but losing at home, you’re losing. Calroo is a family calendar system that syncs your schedule with your spouse’s and kids’ calendar. You can add tasks to each other’s list and delegate important things.

For the launcher who wants to manage time better.

RescueTime: 10 minutes checking email doesn’t seem like a big deal until you realize you’re doing it 10 times a day. RescueTime tracks your habits and reports back your sneaky time stealers.

My Minutes: In almost reverse function of RescueTime, you tell My Minutes what you want to do. For example “No more than 1 hour checking email.” When your 60 minutes are up, it’ll let you know.

Flipboard: All the news you want and need to see, and none of the news you don’t.

For the launcher who wants to be more organized.

IFTTT (If This Then That): Set up your own personal workflow. For example, if I post on Twitter, also post on Facebook. Or, If I add a new contact to my iPhone, add it them to my Google contacts as well.

Evernote: The gold standard of note-taking apps.

Kyber: This app works within Slack to manage projects, assign tasks, schedule meetings, and see an overview of you or your team’s workload.

Bonus: For all the intrapreneurs who dare to dream bigger (and more efficiently) than their VPN.

Expensify: For those expense reports you always forget to turn in.

Dropbox or Box: Efficient file sharing that doesn’t need your FTP login.

Polaris Office: Perfect for iPhone users who don’t want to boot up their PC to edit a Microsoft document.

Trello: Because good leaders need to know — on the spot — how their projects are pacing.

We’ve told you before that launchers are learners. Challenge yourself to download one of these apps and commit to using it for 30 days to see if it helps make your day and life better. Technology isn’t the future; it’s the present.