If you’re considering a career change, your mind might be swirling with what-ifs, anxiety, and conflicting arguments. Slow the process down and take some time to think through the following questions. Be honest with yourself, and clarity about the direction you should take will become clearer as a result.

Big Picture

Picture yourself in 10 years.

Will you be happy with yourself if you don’t do this?

Will your current path enable you to accomplish your long-term goals?


Are you clear on why you are doing this?

How desperate are you?

How hungry are you for this change?


Are you exercising your genius in your current role?

Will you be exercising your genius in this new role?


Have you saved enough resources to give you the margin you need to transition?

How much do you stand to gain if the change is successful?

How much do you stand to lose if the change is unsuccessful? Can you recover from that scenario?

Who is counting on you (and, therefore, is at risk with you)?

What happens if you don’t make this move?

Have you sought counsel from trusted advisors who have your best interests at heart?

Do you have the support of your spouse or partner?