You have an idea to pitch, or a big presentation to share.

This presentation needs to be a home-run.

Are you ready for prime time?

Would you love to go into the presentation full of well-founded confidence?

Here’s a simple checklist to help you assess your readiness:

  1. Can you convey the single most persuasive idea behind your presentation in two sentences or less?
  2. Have you made the single most persuasive idea easy to remember, or “sticky”?
  3. Do you know exactly how long (within a minute) it will take you to deliver your presentation?
  4. Do you know exactly what your first sentence will be?
  5. Do you know exactly what your last sentence will be?
  6. Do you know what the most impactful moment in your presentation will be?
  7. Have you practiced your presentation at least five times?
  8. Have you recorded a practice session in order to critique yourself?
  9. Have you allowed someone you trust to critique your presentation?
  10. Do you know exactly when and where to be prior to your presentation?
  11. Are you familiar with the setting in which you will make your presentation (staging, A/V capabilities, lighting, room setup, etc.)?
  12. Have you tested your props, visuals, or presentation slides?
  13. Do you know exactly what you will wear to be appropriately dressed?

If you can answer “yes” to the questions in this checklist, take a deep breath. You are ready for your big moment and should go in with confidence like never before. You are now ready to be yourself, relax, and actually enjoy the experience.