Your Place on the Support/Challenge Matrix

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Get off the Mat: How to Make Failure Work for You

What makes a leader? More importantly, what makes a great leader? Throughout our leadership journeys, we will have many opportunities to decide for ourselves the answers to some of these questions. Every leader is different because every leadership opportunity is different. All have their own unique challenges and opportunities, and certain personalities seem carved out for different but specific places within the overall leadership picture.

Innovation for an Innovative Society

Everything is happening all the time. These days, you can’t turn around without having some new version of something you never really needed shoved under your nose. For those of us who are trying to carve out a business in today’s hectic world of non-stop updates and #lifehacks, it can feel like swimming upstream just to keep up with what’s going on around you.

Hey, You. Go Home.

We put a lot of stock in the idea of being better. Better leaders, better team members, - just better. There is a great deal of value in the idea of building ourselves up to face the wilds of the marketplace - and there is a need to fortify the next generation of leaders that will take our society to the next level.

The Habit of Greatness

Greatness is not a mindset, or a system of beliefs or the physical manifestation of your hopes and dreams. No, greatness is a habit. Or, more specifically, a series of habits built on the backs of one another.

Recovering From Constant Consuming

More than being just laser focused on product sales and bottom lines, we should focus on the ways we can better serve those around us.

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